Dear peppermint and sweet orange soap. You are one of my all-time favourite soaps; with your sweet fragrance, cool pale yellow colour and soothing calamine powder. How I love you, how sweet you smell, how any itches in the house loath you.

Peppermint and Sweet Orange Soap in the mould
I have a bit of a naughty secret…I’ve been watching loads of Geordie Shore. I just love it…the fights, the drinking, and the never ending shagging.

It’s a little bit like watching Hoarders, you kind of feel that your house isn’t such a mess and frankly there’s nothing to be ashamed of once you’ve finished watching an episode. Geordie Shore is a little like Hoarders, my wild youth feels pretty tame and innocent in comparison. While I was a “bad girl” back in the day I really wasn’t as bad as some of my friends and positively angelic compared to the girls in Geordie Shore.

On the other hand I try not to compare myself to my husband’s youth who could probably count how many times he’s gotten drunk on one hand…with enough fingers left over to hold a beer.

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It's not who you are that holds you back image

Images from Pinterest.

I’ve recently changed from full time work to part time work. I actually walked in and quit but my new manager asked me to stay as he couldn’t get anyone to finish off the work I had been doing. I felt pretty bad so agreed to stay two days a week until the project was finished.

Now I’m not under any delusions that I’m an incredibly valuable member of the office…with all the redundancies happening this year I was surprised I am still here but it turns out my job is important for the contract but really boring and tedious so no one has tried to steal my job from under me.

So now I’m only in two days a week and have five days off every week to do as I please.

I have to tell you it’s been absolutely bliss. I’ve been taking it pretty easy for the last couple of weeks, doing some painting and laying floating floorboards with Brad, solidly working on re-branding my business and enjoying Sundays again, knowing they’re not a get-everything-done-before-the-working-week-starts nightmare.

There’s long hours at work, I’m putting in 10 hour days there but it’s not hard to do that for two days, especially knowing you have five days to chill until the next 10 hour day.

It’s been really nice, we’re not missing the extra money and it’s been so nice to reconnect with my husband and spend time with him just chatting away…main topic is the upcoming election and Chaises new bedroom (we spent hours yesterday putting up a curtain rod in her bedroom, plasterboard walls and steal frame houses do not make for happy renovators).


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This is my shed…or my womanshed as I like to call it. This is it with the walls and ceiling up and the floor painted. I’m pretty excited about it and all that needs doing is painting and adding a new sink to replace the crummy old one I chucked out.
Does it make me look like some sort of renovation genius? I’ll take that compliment thanks, even though I haven’t done anything myself yet. Although I did insist on a second coat of paint on the floor so you could call me the project manager.
I need to paint the walls and ceiling myself so will be splashing out on a paint gun…I’m not rollering all of that.
In other news I hurt my knee on Thursday while jogging and have been complaining about it on an hourly basis. Brad is of course completely unsympathetic. It still bothers me so I’m off exercise til I feel better and stop crying like a baby.
Brad and I also went out to dinner Sunday night. We went to Rockpool Bar & Grill at the casino and it was just so yummy I can’t stop thinking about it. It was actually family friendly and there were lots of tables with children and their parents. But be warned if you’re thinking of taking your kids there…the ones I saw were unbelievably well behaved so if your kid has any hint of drama queen in them I’d caution against going lest you end up looking like the bad parents with the uncontrollable child.

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We don’t drink a lot of milk in this house. The girls don’t have cereal for breakfast (quesadilla’s are the current breakfast fav) and refuse to drink it. So the only person who uses it is me at only half a cup a day in my porridge.  I must admit I pay very little attention to milk in general…there’s always something more interesting to think about.
And that is the background details as to why I found myself in the situation of grabbing a glass of milk for a treat only to discover the milk expired three days ago. Which makes me feel a little queasy thinking about the last three days of porridge I ate.

I’m all giddy with excitement as I’ve just signed up for a seven week course on marketing and wholesaling for a bath and body business. The course organiser is a small business owner who I’ve admired (and envied) ever since I started making soaps myself. She’s decided to go into the consulting business and help other small businesses achieve what she’s achieved.
Not only am I doing that but I’ve just discovered something really awesome about Dreamweaver and have finally started to make the website of my dreams.
If I could just figure out how to make an image list show horizontally I’ll be set for life.

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I’ve had a break from blogging. Not intentionally, I just keep thinking my life is too boring to blog about. Especially the last few weeks that have been work focused as I’ve been trying to finish a project on time. It’s finally finished…and on time too…and looking awesome.
So now I have some time to myself again and I plan on taking it easy for a little while before getting back into the swing of things.

So I bought a new camera, as you should now be aware. This is a cool one with removable lenses which I am totally loving. I’ve got a long range lens and a general purpose lens which came with the camera body and I picked up a 50mm lens while I was there. I’ve never had a 50mm lens before and it’s heaps of fun. The close-ups it can do are amazing. It’s a manual focus too so I’m having to learn how to actually use my own eyes to focus a picture…that’s taking a bit of getting used to.

Jordan and I have decided to share our birthday treat this year and go to Supernova. Of course we need to dress up for it. Jordan is going as a My Little Pony and we bought a wig for her. I can’t believe how different she looks with pink hair.

I’m going as Amy Pond from Doctor Who so got a red wig. What can I say…I’m a dead ringer for her. Bahahahaha.

We had a scary incident at horse riding on Friday. One of the horses got spooked and bolted while this really sweet girl was on it. She held on for an amazing long time as the trainer tried to talk her into stopping the horse but she was really scared and when you’re in that situation sometimes all you can do is hang on for dear life. She eventually fell off and was really upset but after we all told her what a great job she did and how well she handled it she seemed to cheer up.

Falling off a horse is not really a big deal at horse riding. Chaise actually fell off that day too but Muffin the horse wasn’t even moving and it was pretty uneventful and Jordan once fell off and onto a log which resulted in an overnight stay in hospital but there was no damage in the end.
The parents are usually more upset than the kids.

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Rumour here at work is that more people will be made redundant at the end of the month (over half the company has disappeared over the last five months…how I’m still here is a miracle).

So I figured I’d better work on my resume. Apparently the new style is all casual and stuff.

Awesome resume

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While I was mindlessly browsing on the internet one day this week I suddenly decided to do a search for soap sold in WA. Where was I? Did I even rank? Well, no not really. If you got super specific then sure, there I was. But otherwise I wasn’t even close.

Soap labels ready for wrapping

Soap labels ready for wrapping new soaps.

So I’ve put myself on a mini online SEO course to figure out how to really optimise my blog and website to get as many visits as I possibly can.


My first step was to write out as many keywords on Excel as I could think of. I focussed mainly on soap and only included a few keywords for the other products I sell as the list was already getting scary long. Once I hit about 80 keywords such as “handmade soap”, “natural soap”, reversing keywords to include “soap handmade” and including location terms too such as “handmade soap Perth” I was ready for the next step.


I ranked each keyword between 1 and 3. 1 being the most relevant keyword to what I sell such as “soap Australia” and obviously “soap” to 3 for terms such as “skin products” and “packaging for handmade soaps”. Then I went on GoogleRankings and found the Australian ranking for each keyword. Some keywords ranked really high such as “soap” which clocked in at 201,000 searches a month all the way do “handmade soap Perth” which only got 12 searches a month…possibly all by me.


Finally I searched how many pages came up when I typed in each keyword into Google. I couldn’t refine my search to Australia only as it didn’t show how many results I got when doing so, so had to do a general search for each. Some results were truly astronomical like “soap” which resulted in 379,000,000 results. Even something as specific as “buy handmade soap Byford” had 52,000 results so it shows how I’m not just competing with soap sellers but with every page which has all or most of those words on a webpage.


Then came the final calculation to decide just which of the keywords was most effective.


I used the following formula: = ((4-personal ranking)/3)*GoogleRankings* GoogleRankings /Google results.


Look complicated? It’s not really.


Top of the list was of course “soap” followed by keywords that then were highly searched but had less Google results. I’ve made myself a list of 10 main keywords that I’m ready to take to the next step and will let you know how that goes. Obviously I’m not going to list the top ten keywords I found, any soap makers reading this can do their own research and find what works for them.

Handmade soap by the computer

Freshly wrapped handmade soaps.

The step by step guide and the formula was found at

You can start your own SEO course there too.  

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Oh dear, I feel my mojo slowly disappearing. This happens occasionally, to myself and most of my friends as well. One week you have all the get-up-and-go in the world, the next week all you feel like doing is watching The Walking Dead season three on your laptop.

Of course the less you do the less you feel like doing so it’s a case of pushing yourself through it and doing what needs to be done…sheer hard work…that and I’m all out of The Walking Dead episodes.

One of the things I did do was buy some new running sneakers. My old ones were not real running shoes, but just pretty sneakers for shopping in and I was getting heel and arch pain from them. So I dragged my sore feet to Foot Locker and bought the brightest, comfiest sneakers I could find.

My new pink and black sneakers
Love the pop of colour.


I think they’re better to run in, to be honest I really can’t tell though. It’s a bit like when Brad says the car brakes need looking at and I just give him a blank look because I haven’t noticed any change. It’s just running to me…I’m always far more concerned about how my legs feel like lead. 


On Sunday I decided to torture the kids by declaring it a tv and computer free day. This was met with an awful lot of complaining about how bored they were and it was only 8am. Then they decided to make pancakes, then we went to Officeworks and bought drawing supplies and then the day was sorted and they were completely happy. I relented and let them watch Doctor Who with me that night. I have some sneaky reasons for doing so. One was to keep the quiet while I watched Doctor Who, two was a bit of a reward for good behaviour that day and lastly to help foster a deep love of British shows that I like to watch such as Doctor Who.

Pancakes for Sunday breakfast

Pancakes are messy, but fun.


I’m not sure where Autumn is, perhaps we missed it this year and had a second Summer instead. As a result the creek near our house is very muddy. This doesn’t stop Melody from pretending it’s a swimming pool however. The end result is pretty yucky and smelly though, which of course she has no concept of and can’t understand why we didn’t let her sleep inside last night.

Melody the dog looking very dirty

She smelt like a swamp too.


Speaking of last night, we had an impromptu BBQ at my folks place. On Monday morning we told my mum we were all coming over for a BBQ (which was news to her) and then went out and bought sausages, kebabs, salad and dessert. Dad cooked the meat and we all sat outside (second Summer remember) and had a lovely meal.

It had been so long since we’d had a BBQ that Chaise didn’t know what one was. Needless to say she now thinks BBQ’s are the bomb and even though she’s only six and the youngest at dinner ate everyone under the table. When it comes to eating, little kids are like teenage boys.

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When I came home from work yesterday I was greeted with this sitting in my hallway.

Brad was off picking up the kids from school so I had the house to myself and an enormous parcel to open. Sometimes life is truly bliss.
And inside was a painting I’d ordered months ago.

I bought it online and knew straight away it would be fantastic for our home. It turned out to be a real pain finding a time for the courier company to deliver it and so I suggested they deliver it to my work and I could take it from there. Well they delivered it to the back of the building and one of the guys noticed some damage to the package so asked the delivery guy to wait while he opened it up.
It had a huge rip in the canvas! The delivery guy tried to blame my work colleague for damaging it when he opened the box but he refused the painting and sent him on his way. I didn’t know anything about this until he told me later.
Eventually my painting made its way back to where I’d bought it where they confirmed it had obviously been damaged in transit as it was definitely damage caused by a heavy object leaning or sitting on it, causing a rip along the wooden frame.
I was devastated, and I’m sure the artist was too. She agreed to do me another one though which I am eternally grateful for.
The painting is called “The Promenade” and the artist is Janelle White and she really is just wonderful. It’s one of my first pieces of original art in our house and I’m absolutely in love with it.

I’m not 100% sure where it’s going to fit in the house but for now it’s hanging in our dining room.
…like a boss.

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I’m still super busy at work. My boss is going away for a 12 day cruise and I need to have all my manuals finished before he goes so I can send them off to be processed.
Because I’m so busy, I’m late in letting you know I’ve got a sale happening at my Etsy shop. Buy anything you like and receive a whopping 50% off for a limited time. All you need is a love of handmade soaps and this coupon code: REOPENSALE.

empire of delight banner
Empire of Delight Etsy store is here.
So much has been happening…I really must make space in my day for an hour or so to tell you all about it.

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